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Why we started

In a world of digital payments less talk about cash. But the use of banknotes and coins are still extensive and in many markets even growing. There is an enormous business potential in making cash digital and at the same time retaining its greatest advantage: an unique way of secure payments that at the same time protects personal integrity.

This magnificent paper is one of the greatest payment inventions ever. Hard to improve why we made it invisible

Conditions for iCash

Existing infrastructure

ATM money stored in your card

Offline and not traceable

Local denominations with no boundaries

Pay where cards are accepted

Unique digital solution

We have patented a technological solution to make money digital. While still maintaining the benefits of high trust connected to cash and also offering total personal privacy.
We have developed a unique concept to make cash digital, iCash where “I” is short for invisible. Our patents cover Sweden, the rest of Europe and USA. By using cryptographic methods creates secure and anonymous payments offline, not internet dependent.
When the iCash is charged into, for example, a regular debit or credit card, it is protected against intrusion. Because iCash is not connected to the internet the stored money cannot be effected.
Today’s system of cash is a solution that is not sustainable. On the one hand it consumes unnecessary natural resources in the production of money. And on the other hand unnecessary emissions arise in the form of transports to to recycle money. Making cash digital instead makes the entire monetary system more efficient.

Using existing payment infrastructure

Our solution is using the infrastructure already in place. Digital cash can be charged directly to your existing debit or credit cards.
Today, a cash user goes to the ATM to top up his wallet. A future user of iCash does exactly the same, the only difference is that instead of withdrawing cash in banknotes, it is loaded directly to the chip in your payment card.
Card users are paying at POS terminals and iCash spender’s are paying the same way.

Putting personal privacy first

Current cash offers a unique opportunity for secure payments. And at the same time protects personal integrity.
Banknotes and coins are the world’s oldest means of payment and have along the way built a lot of trust with a high level of confidence among the user. But one further essential quality of cash – and also completely unique – is that it is completely analog. As soon as a banknote or coin leaves the bank branch or an ATM, they can no longer be linked to a specific user. iCash offers the user exactly the same anonymity as physical money, because it is not connected to the internet.
In an ever more connected and monitored world, there is an increasingly strong growing trend about the need to protect individuals privacy. And when it comes to payments there is basically only one way to leave no electronic traces behind: by using money. When using iCash the user is anonymous by default.

Learning curve

Today, a cash user goes to the ATM to top up his wallet. Users of iCash does exactly the same, the only difference is that instead of withdrawing cash in banknotes, it is loaded directly to the chip in your payment card.
We understand that old behavior is an asset and using our system of digital cash does not need new habits or routines. We have a respect for the time it takes to change traditions

iCash is not different only more efficient

The basis of iCash is a personal connection to a bank account where the cash withdrawal originally takes place. But instead of paid out notes, the card is instead charged with the corresponding iCash.

Once the withdrawal is made and iCash is registered on your payment card there is no longer any personal connection to the user and his bank.

When you pay for an item in a store with your iCash only the transfer made is registered and your cash balance in your card is adjusted. No personal data is exchanged about who actually transfers the money and no further contact with the consumer’s bank is required.


• New opportunities for cash consumers.

• New markets for the pay card industri.

• Reducing the cost burden for banks and retail by introducing cash to existing credit and debit cards.

• Protecting cash transactions from freud and maintaining users integrity

• Making domestic currency’s globally accepted

• Developing long term cooperation with global payment companies to jointly develop solutions for iCash.

patent Sweden, EU & USA

the Swedish concept provider

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